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Window Tinting Prices / Types

Ceramic -Ultimate Package


 Ceramic -  "Go Green With  Top of the line Protection"
* 85-90% heat rejection

* 99.9 UV Protection

*Choice of shade from 70% to 5%

*National Lifetime Warranty

Ceramic Tint Film is for the individual looking for the most heat protection currently available in window tinting technology.  With Ceramic, you get Top of the line heat protection, top interior protection, savings on gas and the most comfort window tinting can provide. This film is perfect for people who work out of their cars or who spend numerous hours in a vehicle. Ceramic tint is ideal for customers with antique vehicles, vehicles with numerous electronics, customers who live or work at the beach or customers with skin conditions. 

Hybrid - Premium Package



Hybrid - "Glare reduction & Protection"

* 70 - 75% heat rejection

* 99.9 UV Protection

* Choice of shade down from 70% to 5%

* National Lifetime Warranty

Top of the line protection at a budget, this is a great film for families. Your children will be comfortable from heat while protecting them from harmful cancerous rays.

Carbon- Mid-Grade Film Package



Carbon- "Factory Match & Quality film"

 * 40-45% heat rejection 

* 99.9 UV Protection 

* Choice of shade from 70% to 5%

* National Lifetime Warranty  

This is one of our most sold mid-grade films. Perfect for gifts (we offer gift certificates) and for customers who want a decent heat rejection but are still on a budget. Perfect for customers who are focused on Privacy, with this film you can choose your shade down to 5% other wise know as limo tint. This film is polarize which will allow you to see through the glass at night even if you have 5% shade of darkness. It is also a great film for those looking for a quality mid-grade window tinting film.. 

Nickel - Budget Film Package

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Nickel-  "On a Budget, still quality"

* 20-25% heat rejection

* 99.9 UV Protection

* Choice of shade down to 20%

If you are starting up, a student or on a budget we recommend this film. You get to choose how dark you want it for privacy up to 20% shade of darkness. This film will provide you 99.9% of upmost protection from cancerous UV rays and a heat protection of 20% to 25%. 

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