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How Do We Calculate Tint Price


Residential Window Tinting Prices are based on mainly four factors. 

First, we take the total square footage of project. Square Ft will let us know how much film and material the project will require.

Second, We look at the design of the window. The design of the window and location will provide us with an idea of the difficulty of installation.  

Third, We take into consideration weather or not the window has prior film that may need to be removed. The current state of the old film will give us an idea of the amount of time/labor the removal will take. 

Finally, The customer's Goals for the project will allow us to narrow down the available films to meet customer's expectations. 

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Call us at 888-600-1644 or Email  - We can provide quick over the phone quotes if the customer has window measurements and pictures of window.

Or Schedule an appointment below - We Can Come To You- No charge to have one of our experienced technicians come to your home and measure your windows.We will provide you with a quote on the spot.

Price Match - % Discount

Home Window Tint, Pr

If another company beats our price we will match it and provide an extra discount to beat it. You can rest assure that we will provide the best price. Price matching will be done if the competitive quote is the same level/type of film material. If material is different, we will explain the differences for you to make an informed decision. 

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Reduce Cooling Cost - Save Money On Electric Bill

How Much Will You Save?


The cost of cooling your home due to the heat gained through windows can make up about 40% of your summer utility bill. 

Window film can help protect you from solar heat gain by reflecting the heat, which helps lower energy consumption. Heat Control solar window film can help you save an average of $99 on summer cooling costs!

Not only does home window tinting prevent heat from entering your home, it also removes ninety-nine percent of ultra-violet rays from the light that comes in. This not only protects you and your family, it also prevents the fading of furniture and carpets. Leaving you perfectly safe with even more savings.


Got Ceramic?

Ceramic Window Tint

 Ceramic Window film for your home or vehicle will provide you with the top protection for furnishing and interior while maintaining clear visibility.  

Your Home is one of the two top investments a person makes in their lifetime. Protect your investment with the best Window tinting film you can get in the market, Ceramic Window Tinting Film. Our Ceramic film will provide a cool and almost UV rays free environment for you and your family. Some of the benefits of ceramic are listed below:

* 80 to 90% Heat Rejection - Unmatched coolness for your comfort

* 99.9% UV Protection - Gets rid of the Cancerous Harmful Rays that Deteriorates your Furnishings.

* Best Warranty in the Market

*  Resistant to scratches - Ceramic window tinting film is the most scratch resistance film.

* Will Never turn purple (No Dye Film)

* Choice of Shade - you choose how dark or clear you want your tint

* Protection of Furnishings and Art work