Does Your Building Need Tint?

Window Tinting can accomplish several different goals for you business.


Do You need to Cool Down that east facing office that is constantly hot? 

Are you customers and employees  constantly bothered by Glare from a window?

Maybe you need Safety Film for those large Front Store Windows?

Or are you more concern with Privacy for the conference room?

Whatever your goal is our expert technicians will offer you the correct films to exceed your expectation within your budget.

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Office/Building Window Tint

Types Of Film


Different types of window tint film can change the appearance of your business. 
Choose from; *Privacy *Decorative *Anti-Graffiti *Matte films * Heat Rejection to *Mirror films to give your building that aesthetically pleasing appearance. Achieve the look of fine glass etching, without the cost that normally accompanies such a change. Add vibrant colors and graphic designs to any glass surface.
Savings: Window tint decreases intruding heat by up to 78%. This can lower the amount of energy it takes to cool off indoor spaces. You will notice a drastic difference in your utility bill after installation. In addition, Progress Energy and OUC, are offering incentives to apply window tint to your business.Our architectural  window film series protects your skin and eyes by reducing ultraviolet rays up to 99.9% and maximizes your energy efficiency. 


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